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Oregon Artbeat
Season 13, Episode 13
Aired: 02/02/2012 |  Length: 26:44  |  Rating: TV-G
Sculptor Joseph Schneider – Joseph Schneider uses many tiny pieces to create dramatic installations.


“…elaborate assemblages, all manner of found objects gain new meanings that transcend their original purposes…moving meditation on the clash between indigenous culture and European values.”

– The New York Times, Helen A. Harrison

Burning Piece 013

“Schneider creates a world vision that is both personal and playful.  It is a place where astronauts can become apostles and men stand just a step away from the ethereal.”

– Art Papers, Ken Gonzales-Day

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“Joseph Schneider’s work often addresses events and persistent social concerns.  Raised in a large Catholic family, he frequently combines Christian iconography – haloed figures, alter pieces, and holy cards – with elements from other religious traditions and popular culture.  At the same time, many of Schneider’s artworks are both actual and metaphorical acts of communication.  Some are letters.  Some act as receivers.  Many are prayers.  Many of Schneider’s artworks have an optimism tinged with irony, or an innocence tempered by loss.”

– Curator’s Notes, Terri M. Hopkins, Marylhurst University, The Art Gym